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With the launch of ChatGPT, the whole internet landscape is turning towards the conversation. Within a couple of years, most people won't be visiting websites anymore but will be interacting with their personal assistant(s) and other chatbots.With 2.5B Monthly Active Users, WhatsApp is the biggest chat-app worldwide, and we have created an integration with ChatGPT Premium! If you don't want to be outcompeted, and stay ahead of the curve, we can provide your brand with its own chatbot.The cost for this chatbot starts at €1600 per month and an initial €4800 setup fee.


- Brand Awareness
- Another channel for your customers to visit your website, right within their WhatsApp
- A huge value you can bring to your customers.
We are still working very hard on the core technology, but in the long run, the chatbot will provide your customers with:- A way to get all information they need to know about your business and what you're selling. Not via a website, but by automated conversation!
- Custom messages from you or your team
- Another channel to market to them

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We're looking for positive-impact entrepreneurs and businesses that want to provide their customers with this massive value. We're especially interested in fighting climate change, and the circular economy, and preventing bad applications of AI, whilst promoting the good.

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